Friday, March 27, 2009

KDE4, GTK20 and Portsdb Fail Due to Missing Ports

I had a few more problems while installing some basic ports. And in the end the issue was due to cvsup not pulling all the necessary ports due to my refuse file.

First, after installing portupgrade I ran
# portsdb -Uu

But it failed with:
perl: not found

I found some tips online and most of them pointed to a possible use of the refuse file by cvsup. I still didn't want to pull ports that I possibly wouldn't use so I manually installed Perl and, in this case, solved the problem.

Then it came up a second time while installing KDE4. At some point during installation, it stopped with an error at GTK20. The error message suggested running to diagnose the problem.

I ran that script but it wasn't able to diagnose the problem and suggested removing the refuse file and re-running cvsup. So this time I did remove my entries (not the language ones) from the refuse file and ran cvsup again.

After all the ports were updated, I installed KDE4 again and it ran without a problem.

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